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Tom Freund

Focus group services firm looking for a local freelance developer or software firm (no overseas outsourcing) for support / enhancements ops of a successful #VideoStreaming application (like GoToMeeting on steroids). Please e-mail digysol@gmail.com.

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Suggested for: Market Research, Computer Software

I am a software product business coach and trainer looking for software entrepreneurs starting or growing #Mobile App and #Software as a Service (#SaaS) products. I can help: -hiring talent -organization design -lean/agile -marketing

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Suggested for: Computer Software
Vanessa Wood
Design to Spec LLC

I have a client looking for an app developer. They need a simple app that will bring up a list of business locations he supports, lists the name address, phone, website of the location, a blurb describing the business and provide a Google Map.

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Suggested for: Technology
Stewart Kluss
Solvation Group

CEO for a highly secure Android OS start-up. Ideal for a Smartphone, an Internet of Things (IoT) device or a Tablet.

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Suggested for: Computer Software
John Follis
Big Idea Video

Looking to give this #video #marketing presentation to appropriate groups and orgs: http://bit.ly/1Dks04u

Link to additional info

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